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October 30, 2017 @ 8:40 pm

Renovate your mind, Part Two - Pastor Mark LeGear

This just in..... part two of our special podcast excuslive teaching from Pastor Mark LeGear on renovating your mind.  Part one was orginally published on 7/12/17.  Stay tuned for the upcoming release of part three.

This teaching contains valuable lessons on renovationg your mind to allow your thought life to line up with Christ and allow for more freedom.  Producing more of the abundant life God has promised each of us. 



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October 30, 2017 @ 8:23 pm

Faith In Action - Pastor Darrick Wilson /Turnaround Prophet Mary Thompson

Pastor Darrick shares how Faith in God has helped him and his husband overcome durring a difficult season.  Followed by a charge to our "turn around season" by Prophet Mary Thompson

orginally recorded 10/29/17

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October 26, 2017 @ 9:32 pm

Audacious Faith - Pastor Brenda Johnson

Join us for a informative teaching from Pastor Brenda Johnson.  Brenda and her husband Jim co-pasotr our online campus at


Brenda joins us in house to bring us new insight into what is is to live with "Audacious Faith".  She encourages us to step out bolding in our faith to see healings and miracles.  It's exactly 9 months until Immerssed 2018 - Imerssed in Healings and Miracles... see what YOUR audacious faith can birth before then!! 

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October 26, 2017 @ 8:54 pm

What is Covering? - Bishop Randy Morgan

Jump right into to a teaching on covering brought to us from Bishop Randy Morgan. 

- Learn why alignment is significant and important

- identifying rebellion



Orginally recorded 10/8/17

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October 26, 2017 @ 8:39 pm

Believe And Recieve / Have God Faith - Bishop Randy Morgan

Bishop Randy Morgan brings us an insightful message from Mark 11:12-24

Listen to have your faith stirred, encouraged, and challanged. 

Declair "authenticity" over the next 6 months and see how your life changes


orginally recorded 10/1/17

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October 20, 2017 @ 12:23 pm

Seeds of Destiny - Bishop Randy Morgan

Please join us for a life changing teaching from Bishop Randy Morgan about our destiny and the enemies plan to steal it from us. 


Listen and then listen again, and probably at least one more time. 


Orginally Recorded 9/17/17

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October 15, 2017 @ 9:49 pm

Breakthrough - Prophet Mary Thompson

Join us for this prophetic teaching from Mary Thompson.  Having a pen and paper ready is advised!  If you would like to view the full recording please visit our video archives at


Orginally recorded 9/10/17

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October 7, 2017 @ 8:39 pm

Song of Solomon - Bishop Randy Morgan

Going further into "the deeper things" Bishop shares an insperational teaching from Song of Solomon, chapter 5


Orginally recorded 9/3/17

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